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Mix Hors D’oeuvres£7.90 per head

(Minimum for 2 People) - Crispy Sesame Seed Prawn on Toast, Chicken on Skewer in Satay Sauce, Crispy Seaweed, Mini Spring Roll, Spare Ribs Peking sauce

Seafood Mix Hors D’oeuvres£8.90 per head

(Minimum for 2 People) - Crispy Sesame Seed Prawn on Toast, Deep Fried Crab Claws, Crispy Seaweed, Salt and pepper Squid, King Prawns on skewer in satay sauce


(A)With Black Bean Sauce, (B)With Garlic Sauce

Butterfly King Prawns£5.90

Served with Sweet & Chilli Sauce

Deep Fried Stuffed Crab Claws£6.90

Crispy Won Ton£4.90

Served with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Mini Spring Rolls£4.90

Meat or Vegetable

Crispy Duck Pancake Roll£5.90

Served with Hoisin sauce

Crispy Seaweed£4.50

Siu Mai£4.90

steam dumpling allow 20mins to prepare

Grilled Peking Dumplings£4.90

Sesame Seed Prawn on Toast£5.50

Crispy Squid£5.90

in Salt and Chill

Crispy Prawn£5.90

in Salt and Chilli

Crispy Chicken£5.50

Barbecued Spare Ribs with£5.90

Peking Sauce, Salt & Pepper, Barbecued Sauce, Syrup

Chicken Satay on Skewers£5.90

Deep Fried Bean Curd on Skewer£5.90

in satay sauce


Peking Hot & Sour Soup£3.90

Meat OR Vegetable

Chicken with Noodle Soup£3.80

Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup£3.90

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup£3.80

Won Ton Soup£3.90


Aromatic Crispy Duck

Served with Pancakes, Salad & Hoi Sin Sauce

Crispy Lamb£8.90

Served with Pancakes and Hoi Sin Sauce

Crispy Vegan Duck£8.50

Served with Pancakes, Salad & Hoi Sin Sauce

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